Worship & Discipleship

Sons & Daughters is a 9 month, three-track process focused on character, skill and discipleship and mission.  Each track begins with a weekend immersion experience that involves intensive teaching and training in a small group environment. In between each immersion, the students are coached for three months through weekly, web-based, video training calls lasting 90 minutes each. 

Track 1 -

We begin with character, because vibrant fruit can only develop from healthy well tended roots. The call of every leader is to dig deep if we are to bear the weight of the fruit God wants to produce in us.


Weekend Immersion Dates:
September 14 – 16, 2018

Weekly Web-based Coaching: Tuesdays (7:30-8:30pm) between Immersions


track 2 - Competency

Only after addressing our character can we gain a fresh perspective on how to approach and develop our skills. A highly skilled leader can influence many people. A healthy root system will foster a positive influence.


Weekend Immersion Dates: December 7 – 9, 2018

Weekly Web-based Coaching: Tuesdays (7:30-8:30pm) between Immersions

track 3 - Multiplication

We conclude with discipleship and mission, because what God is doing in us was never meant to stop with us.  We are called to GO and MAKE disciples. We were made to produce abundant fruit all for God's glory.


Weekend Immersion Dates: March 1 - 3, 2019

Weekly Web-based Coaching: Tuesdays (7:30-8:30pm) between Immersions