Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students are currently enrolled?

A: This will be our fourth year of worship school. Thus far we have graduated 28 students. This year we hope to have two classes of 6-8 students (12-18 total). We pray God continues to grow the school in future years. Since sons & daughters is by design, discipleship based, we desire to be good stewards and invest well in a small number of individuals at a time.

Q: what should i bring to the weekend immersions?

A: You'll be staying in a team leader's home, so bring what you'd need to be at home at a guest house or a lake cottage. (sleeping bag, pillow, etc.) Bring a Bible, a journal and a pen/pencil, comfortable clothing fitting for the season. If you want to bring an instrument, feel free. If you've got crazy dietary needs, bring snacks. 

Q: how much does the worship school cost?

Tuition is tentatively set for this next year of worship school at $800 (for all applications submitted before September 1, 2019). This includes all the incredibly delicious meals, lodging, and materials for each immersion and nine months of investment and coaching by our team. We believe each student should seek the support from friends and family. Therefore, we recommend they write a support letter and deliver it to those people whom they believe would respond in gratefulness with financial and prayer support. We can provide a template for the writing, but the delivery should come from the place of relationship and the heart of the student. All tuition payments are due before the first immersion weekend.

Q: I can't make it to the weekend immersions. can i still participate in worship school?

Unfortunately, not at this point. There are plenty of books and places you can go online to find information about worship leading. We are not that. This is not about information—this is about discipleship. Please be careful not to confuse the two. We are inviting you into relationship – to family. The cost is greater, the demand is deeper, but the rewards are infinitely richer

Q: I am not leading / volunteering in a church music ministry. Can I still participate in the School?

A: Absolutely! However, it would be beneficial to your growth as a worship leader if you would pursue a relationship with the person(s) in charge of volunteers in music ministry at your home church. Let them know your heart for worship and that you are pursuing growth and discipleship with Sons & Daughters. We would be happy to have a conversation with them about what you are pursuing with us.

Q: Can I give a donation to support this ministry? 

A: Absolutely, please! We very much depend on support; from operations to scholarships, we only survive by the sacrificial generosity of our leadership team and others. Send your support to Grace Gathering, 3157 Minnich Road, New Haven, IN 46774.

All gifts are tax-deductible if you follow these simple instructions. Write “Sons & Daughters Worship School” in the memo line of your check. If you would like to make a donation in support of a specific student DO NOT write their name on the check. Simply include a note that that includes the name of the student whom you’d like to support. Grace Gathering will send you a tax receipt at the end of the month! You can also give online through Grace Gathering. Simply write "Sons & Daughters" in the Memo box.

Give to "Sons & Daughters" Here

Q: Are you affiliated with a seminary or university? 

A: At this point in time, Worship School is completely independent and will not in any way earn credit towards a degree or award. We believe deeply in our method of investment (as opposed to conventional classroom/lectures alone), and we are patiently praying about and seeking prospective partnerships. 


A. This will depend largely on the student and his/her level of ability in each of the three tracks. At the least, I'd say you should expect to have a good grasp on how to grow in your relationship with God (faith and works), how to participate in a worship environment (leading and following), and how to apply a set of tools for disciple and mission. 

Q: What is the minimum level of skill needed to participate in Worship School? 

At a minimum, you should be fairly proficient with your musical instrument or voice. This is a leadership school as opposed to a music school. Track two won't include specific musical training (though we will obviously stress personal training as a VERY important part of your development), rather we will teach fundamentals of leading worship vs playing songs. We will also dabble in some songwriting basics. 

Q: What will a weekend immersion look like? 

My wife and I hold degrees in Education with a total of 30+ years of experience teaching/coaching multiple age groups (5 years – adults). The weekend will be structured in a way that increases the likelihood that each student will engage with the material, the instructors and each other at an optimal level. We are pursuing the immersions through the filter of building a family on mission. There will be plenty of new information, fun activities and tons of opportunities to be transformed. You can also check out testimonials from a few of our former students here.

Q: What is the workload outside of the immersions and weekly Web calls? 

We will be reading three books over the course of the 9 months (one during each track). Weekly reading is typically between 15-20 pages. The primary purpose of the reading is to allow an opportunity for one thing to grab the attention. The weekly calls will then focus on processing these things via two questions: What is God saying to me? and What am I going to do about it? Thus, homework will typically include one short section of reading and any activity that may be a result of the answer to the second question. This part is less “work” and more “agreeing with God” about what He wants to do in and through our lives. All of our readings are intended to help us interact with the Word and the truths based in the Word.

If you'll be faithful to the training in our school, it will greatly increase your chances of serving in a leadership position in worship ministry in the future. Great churches are always looking for great leaders. That is what we pray you will be. We are opening our life to you for that very reason.